5 things I never forget to put inside my bag

5 things I never forget to put inside my bag

Hello lovelies!

I can’t believe it’s Friday finally, this is the feeling of freedom especially from work and I would get a chance to wear whatever I like that isn’t formal.

The though of sharing with you guys things I don’t go a day without having in my bag has been on my mind for some time now, but today I decided to share it. I don’t go out without my hand-bag, many would be wondering “what’s in this bag of urs” so today I’m sharing  with you guys.

1. Makeup : yes make up, most ladies are in this too. I can’t go out without this especially when I know I would be needing it for Touch-up’s and a lipstick any shade same as I’m wearing that day.

2.  Notebook and a pen :  this one is self explanatory for me especially because I make list a lot and I can’t do that without my book and pen,Tho my phone has that capabilities but I prefer to write things on paper.

3.  My phone charger : for me this is a must,i use my phone alot.i browse and check updates and also keep in touch with people. Most people out there does it’s habit even if we know we can always borrow but we can’t use it like its ours.

4.  A go snack : Having some snacks in my bag help me to save money.when I’m hungry I can chew my chin-chin and my gum to regain little strength lost.

5.  Handkerchief : even you shouldn’t forget this it’s for those times I sweat unexpectedly. I’m not the type that sweat alot but I always go out with my handkerchief in my bag just in case purposes.

For me going out with my handbag without all this inside is a waste of time.

Share with me part of the things u can’t go out without having in your handbag. I know we still have alot of things in mind. Feel free to share with me. 😀😀 Happy Friday and yes don’t forget to SLAY.


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