Masacara//one makeup pick


The inspiration of putting up this post came when I was out with my friends during the last summer break, I received a compliment from one of them saying she love my lashes,which product is the lashes. She was surprised when I told her I didn’t fix that I’m only wearing a  Mascara she didn’t believe then I asked her to touch my lashes lol you know how friends can be doubting especially this my friend lol .I’m sure you guys know what it is with friends like this.

Really, I’m not perfect with applying this mascara.there are times I stick myself with the mascara wand around my eyelids.then I will had to start over again just to make it neat.

The fact that this mascara solidify my lashes makes me wanna wear it always,it also lengthen the hair curls.

Candacediary.wordpress. com

i’m not the type that wears full makeup but I’m always wearing this mascara.

Do u love applying mascara on your lashes? Share how it feels like to you with me.









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