Product Review //clear & clear ;morning burst skin brightening

If you can’t change your skin colour,why not make it look better. So I read this in a broadcast I got on my bbm from a beautician.

Now,lets dig in to why I’m here. This is my very first product Review here. I’m so exited about this product especially with the outcome on my face,its so amazing.

Guys,its not like I already knew this product for a while,i got to know about this from a distance friend.seeing her pictures often on my snapchat I am impressed and couldn’t help but to ask what she uses for her face. She showed me varieties of products but I choose this particular brand.

At first,i was scared and reluctant to use this when I got it because I was scared of having skin reactions like a product I once used that reacted on my face Mehn it was a bad experience.i was positive about this product so I said to my self “there is no harm in trusting once again”.

So I started using this as it was prescribed.i use it every morning on my face only to serve as soap instead of my normal face soap,i use this almost every morning.


-great pleasant smell

-fresh after application

-removes dirt

I love the fact that it’s made from papaya and lemon 🍋 I read this two combinations is good for a brighter 🔆 skin.


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