Random// tips for random shopping 

Looking back all that I have bought on random shopping I wouldn’t have gotten that in a proper boutique. Random shopping is an ordeal I’m either excited or disappointed about. I have this kind of love goose whenever I hear my sister say let’s go  for random shopping especially the fun part of the kiosk owners pulling you around to come buy from them.

These days I’m always excited when it comes to shopping at random the fact that it would help me manage and pocket the extra 💰 money make me want to go there over and over again.

So today I decided to share with you guys tips on how I manage to get the best when I go for random shopping.

1. Eyes guessing : honesty I don’t know what I should call this. My sister once told me I should never try clothes in front of them because according to her that might increase the prize for that clothes. Lol

2. Labels: in as much as I love Random shopping I never forget to check for the labels. Some stuffs might have a known design labels on it despite where it’s being sold. It also gives me room to go for quality stuffs and find hidden gems.

3. Quality : yes everything is discounted and affordable but for me checking the quality of the clothes is more important than anything. I almost ended up with piles of clothes the other day I went on random shopping not until I took my time and check out for the qualities I really want.

4. Patient: yes, this is one thing we need to have to get the best at Random stores. You don’t always get what you want at once so don’t feel discouraged. Varieties of store sells similar stuffs.

So guys share with me how and what you look out for at Random shopping. Leave your thought’s at the comment space.



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