Life lately; Thursday update

Hello lovelies,

Welcome here,and welcome to my diary. How’s your week been so far. I guess it has been peaceful and fulfilling and to many that hasn’t fulfilled their goals for the week there’s still a day to go so don’t feel down.

Candace here has been busy working everyday as u know she’s a teacher,i teach nursery pupils.

Teaching nursery pupils especially when it’s a profession can be tasking and stressful 😎😎. There are days I would want to quickly make an update just to always be In touch here but when I remember I have to be watchful over the pupils I quickly drop my phone and concentrate.

I remember not using my 📱 phone for a whole day and when I finally got hold of it,the number of missed calls shocked me I asked my self why didn’t I hear it ringing just then I remember it’s because of the classroom noise.

This pictures were taken in the school compound just before work starts, that’s why I’m still on flip-flop.

How is your work like, do u find it stressful and also do you have time to take shots at work. 

Do let me know in the comment space

Outfit details

Shirt:Vero moda(jumia)

Trouser:Mr price



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