Benefits of eating egg

Despite what people think about eggs, they have now turned out to be one of those super foods with great healthy benefits that should be incorporated into our  everyday diets. 

I remember the last I went on a vacation at my cousins place,every morning during breakfast the is always an egg beside each person I would eat even without knowing why it is after meal I would ask my cousin why egg is always served during meal, she would say it’s good for the body but deep down within me I didn’t like that idea because I had the mentality that eggs makes one grow fatter due to its high cholesterol posession.

I later made a research about Eggs and found this :

1. Eggs improve our eyes -Two nutrients present in eggs are lutein and zeaxanthin.these two are said t be powerful that it can build up the retina of the eye, which improve the health of the eyes.

2. Cholesterol in eggs-yes this one particular is what everyone including me is ignorant of. The cholesterol in eggs do not negatively affect the body cholester contray to what people preach,the cholesterol found in eggs does not affect the body, studies show that this is because our body produce their own doses of cholesterol everyday.

The cholesterol in eggs can only affect people with disease like diabetes.

3. High in protein -Eggs are high in protein in just the right quantity in eggs for the daily recommended dose.

4. Weight loss -due to how filling eggs are they help in preventing people from eating too much thereby causing weight loss.

5. Contains lots of nutrients -eggs are very nutritious, this is why are created superfoods, An egg contains vitamin A dilate, vitamin K,vitamin B6, Calcium and zinc.

6. Builds cell membrane eggs contain a very nutrient called chlorine, this is used to build cell membranes and produce signalling molecules in the brain.

This is why I have ensure to eat at least one egg a day. Lovelies you can include this in your everyday diets too.


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