5 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Become Super Confident

cconfident is not left to a few people we all have the capability of being confident, we just do not know how to. 

If there is one thing anyone in this state out there need to do away with then it’s definitely shyness. Shy people tend to miss out a lot on a lot of things simply because they do not e that to being supersocialize very well. However the good news is that you can change it.

Being shy is a state of mind and you can change that to being super confident. 

Here’s tips you need:

This might sound somehow but it’s the truth. The only way to be what you want to be is to act. Practicing how to be confident will eventually lead to you being confident you are shy because of anxiety and fear of failure so why not act as if you have no fear and see how it plays out.

I remember meeting some one for the first time at the mall when we got talking he wanted to know this about me and all I do is sly him and cut of some of my words.this reason is because I was shy and feeling uneasy and also nervous when with a stranger or lots of people at a time.

Shyness leads to you being comfortable in a particular area. So to overcome it and become confident, you need to try new things,new even if it’s difficult and falls outside your comfort zone.

Confident people are not superhuman they have just mastered the act of speaking and using their body to communicate.The way you carry yourself while walking 🚶, talking, etc.shows how confident you are. Begin walking with your head held high, shake hands with a firm hand and make eye contact when talking to someone.

Let people know you weekness not so they can  judge you, but because no one is perfect.once you being doing that you realise its not as bad as you thought.

Confident is not left to a few people,we all have the capability of being confident, we just do not know how to. 

Thanks for reading

Candace cares. 


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