Wool Box Braid 

I love box braids because this gives me an excellent opportunities to extend my hair and wear a more likely natural look without those borrow fix(human hair’s) lol…. Joking though.

I wanted it in attachment (hair extension)but when I got to the market to buy the money I had on wasn’t enough you know why? The recession so they call it has made everything unfair. I was pissed that I had to go back home disappointed. My stylist suggested I use this wool here so I gave her the money I had to help get it, at first I wasn’t sure how this would look like but my stylist keep encouraging me it would look beautiful so I just sat there like a lost person. When she finally finished,i looked into the mirror I was pleased with the hair.

Even though this was painful I couldn’t admit that because I love the hair and I’m happy rocking it.

Whether this is called box braids, jumbo braids, or even poetic braids. I’m loving this hair and rocking it.

Lovelies would you rock the wool Box braid too?  What can you say about my hair.  Do let me know in the comment space.



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