Hello lovelies,

Now that you have gotten a job u desire,But still wonder how it is to dress so as not to leave a kinda unwelcome impression in all the people you will meet.

Here are few tips to get on the right dressing 👗 track.

Decode the dress code : 

“once you’ve been offered a position,inquire with the HR about the office’s dress code; Are bare legs okay?  It’s always better to get guidance before you start. ”

Keep it classic

“Build your work wardrobe around timeless pieces, like LBDs and tailored jackets that can be worn year-round. Stick to buying only a few trendy items each season.

Mix up your accessories 

“playful extras are key to keeping your look fresh”.choose something small but interesting,like a bright pair of heels,a colourful belt or a statement necklace. ”

Be comfortable not casual

“some offices can be more laid back,but always stay away from things like Jean shorts and flip-flops” You want to feel good,but you don’t want to look like you are headed to the beach.

Don’t bare too much skin

“You never want to seem over exposed at work ” if you are going to wear a strappy top because it’s summer and it’s hot out, add a little cardigan to cover your shoulders and bra straps.Girls tend to dress for the weather and not the office.

Make sure you clothes fit well

“the way you feel in your outfit can affect your confidence level “.if you are physically uncomfortable because your clothes are too tight or loose, you are going to fidget and appear self conscious.

Go for polished Hair and Makeup 

“your beauty look should always be pulled together “But not overdone. Things like heavy makeup or wet hair are major no-nos.it looks like you aren’t taking your job seriously.

Dress like its Interview day

“Always err on the side of being overdressed. If you are just a few months into a new job,you are still being evaluated, so it’s smart to be more cautious.

hope this was helpful?  Do let me know what you think and if there’s something missing please leave me a comment about it. 

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