How to…Wear White Jeans!

Disclaimer :Not mine


Hello everyone,

Happy weekend!!  I hope we are enjoying your, my weekend is just as cool a have always wanted it to be. I have being on bed since there I have had both breakfast and lunch without even leaving the bed. Now I’m sounding like a princess isn’t it?  Well done mind me,today is just a lucky day for me. 

Alright now…. White denim’s have proven to be as important like other colours of denim, it gives everyone a stylist look. They are a great trans-seasonal piece. I have two pairs already and I’m getting another soon.

Oh oh!  There’s a rule about wearing white until memorials or special events?hmmm well’  if you on this thought then you missing out a lot.

Here is how you can wear your white jeans whether for occasions or casual wears.

Try chic White-on-white:A monochromatic palette with metallic accents and fierce 👠 heels looks like.


Not mine

Go sporty & Cool:A scarf on jeans and a long sleeve  tops feel tomboyish,while jewelry adds trendy twist.

Not mine

Keep it casual: A basic tee and necklace and flat shoes further the jeans effortless vibe.3ce61ce48a7ebe4b95b9f7c9484c2bdf.jpg Work a colourful mix:A teal moto jacket,printed top and pastel heels up the fun factor. This fits for cooperate affairs.3ed62a55c83bd162cebbb652150a13b5.jpg

Think dressy & sleek! :White denim is modern and sophisticated with a faux leather top extras.



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