Tips for choosing the geek-chic sunglasses


Hello lovelies,

I’m definitely sure if this “Lovelies” word  must be tired of me using it. If it were to be human it would have complained thousand of times.

OK OK! Before I continue blabbing and forget why I’m here. Candace here knows it’s that period which the ☀ sun rays can affect One’s skin especially light skin people like her.

I use to joke with my friends that this sun can melt a candle at times I say this sun can fry an egg if kept under it for a long time. Since it’s the sunny period someone like me out there might or must have gotten a sunglass for him or herself.

Sunglasses have proven to be one of wardrobe essential’s for everyone out there.i came up with some guides to help everyone of us shopping for sunglasses. d57fe1a9279664cc7f20a7071b862052.jpg4c0741b09eec6a4f34fbca05c565e408.jpg

For me whether it’s sunglasses or shades it sure adds to my outfits and it makes me look like a chic boss. I prefer the big square frames, my face has a sharp features so small, round styles can look odd on me. 

Photo from pinterest
Lovelies, what’s your go-to sunglasses style and which sunglasses are your Faves? Please let me know in the comment space. 


P. S.       This pictures ain’t mine. 



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