Perks of being a blogger

Hello lovelies,

Happy Sunday, hope you guys went to church if u do. How was the service? Hope the preaching isn’t boring….silly me.

So,today’s post is just bout being a blogger.i mean “happy side”of blogging.

  • As a blogger:i can snap pictures and be my own model at my pace and if I like I can become a high model still on my own.
  • Personal style :As a blogger you get to become stylist in a unique way. You can decide to be πŸ‘§ girly, alternative, 🌍 earthy, punk etc… All to your taste.
  • Wear clothes :You get toΒ Dress and wear what ever you feel like to wear at that moment. You can decide to reveal or cover up all just to your style.Β 
  • What about shoes:oh yes! It’s only a blogger that would wear funny shoes even though it’s out of trend but you know just for that post she thought “this shoe should be better”.
  • Have your own site:,how boasting this is whenever I go to my space here I feel very honoured by myself. Lol, but common guys this is a great privilege for me you know.
  • Self makeup Artist: For this I’m sure anyone would testify. I get to wear makeups I feel I want to and at times I can decide not to wear any make up at all. Just to snap and go rest.

Fellow bloggers can agree to all this. This is a part of this.

If you have something I can add to this to makeup for another part please do leave me a comment in the comment section.





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