How to…..WORK A TUCK

Hello lovelies,

I  know I haven’t been consistent here, really sorry.i don’t mean to be this absent but many of you living in Lagos here knows it’s not easy especially dealing with unexpected traffics around Lagos roads. 

OK,todays post isn’t about traffic.. lol. It’s on the tuck tweak. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there like me who likes to tuck everything in even pants… Lol funny Right!! OK. I remember dressing up one day for work but as I was about stepping out my mom had to call me back and asked me to turn around there she had to help me adjust my shirt I asked what she was doing… She said ” don’t you know you tuck you  underwear also 😱😱I was just laughing.. Funny.. I was actually laughing at myself.

For ladies who loves the tuck in style here is for you. There are different ways to tuck in your shirts.
1  A side tuck :pull your tee to one side,then tuck half of it into your jeans to create a gathered effect. 

2 A front tuck: tuck the buttom two inches of your tee loosely into the front of your jeans, letting the sides and back hang out a little.

3 A loose front tuck : Tuck just the front of your shirt into your 👖 jeans,leaving the sides and back hanging all the way out.

4 A full tuck: Tuck your tee into your 👖 jeans all the way around, then blouse it out a bit at the waist for a flattering effect.

This simple styling tweak can make a basic tee shirt and jeans look so cool. 

Tell me lovelies, what’s you thought ‘s on the tuck style’ you have the habit of tucking in like me?  

Leave me your thoughts in the comment section. 

Do have a nice day. 


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