Birthday post // letting go

2016-11-27 05.26.12 1.jpgHello lovelies,

I know I haven’t really been consistent here but trust me I have being busy with work and exam,trying to read and at the same time trying not to let my work suffer.

I’m very happy because it’s my birthday today and I’m grateful to God for his Love and keeping me this far….. Praise God. This post supposed to be titled “thanksgiving” but I’ve done enough of that so I decided to share with you lovelies “letting go” actually thins I’m letting go as I’m now in a new year of my life.

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As humans we have tendencies to hold on to habits, beliefs and ideologies even when they are bad for us.

Nevertheless,here’s a period one have to let go of things to be better person and to me now is the right time i guess.The year has really being kind off stressful for me.

Here’s a few things i’m letting go in this new phase of my life.

  • Letting go of anger toward people who hurt me ,forgiving them and moving on . I believe i will feel refresh and free this way.
  • letting go of friends that don’t put efforts  in relationship’s as much as i do. It doesn’t have to be with  a fight or quarrel but let go of the energy i put in trying to make things work between us.

I won’t stop loving them ,just accept them as they are and watch as i meet new caring friends.

  • Letting go of the belief that it’s too late to venture into new career or take heed of opportunities that comes my way….better opportunities tho..


  • Letting go of the idea that i’m always right or i must be right at all times . I’m human and i tend to make mistakes and apologizing when i have to .
  • Letting go of the pressure i put on to be perfect, Embracing my flaws and giving room for correction.
  • Letting go of the bitterness of unachieved goals and desires.
  • Letting go of wasting money over things that isn’t necessary.

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  • Letting go of people who make’s me feel that i have to change in order to be loved by them.

when i know deep down i cab actually do better without them.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




These pictures were taken on my way back from church  that’s why i have my scarp wrap on my head,Anyways it’s not bad.

What are your take on these things i’m letting go, Do you think there’s something missing or missing here?

Please do let me know at the comment section.


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