Happy new month lovelies,

Wow!!  I can’t believe it’s the last month of the year 2016.i actually think this is the fastest year so far,right?  Seriously, I’m not complaining. 

It’s a good thing though.

I can say December is always a month K long for any year. I mean it’s a month I get to shop as much as I can because it’s a celebration 🎊 period “Christmas “.

November was an awesome month,it came with a lot of Goodies especially because it was my birthday month and I was got lots of gifts from well wishers even though some people are still owing me…. Lol..

I’m taking stock for the past month so let’s dig in right here.

Eating: Rice alot .as for fruits, apples are still my favorite so far.

Reading: For now, just my Bible and my devotion book…. Lol.. Not so good right? I’m working on reading other books.

Trying: To complete my shopping list for the year so I don’t carry them over 2017.

Hoping: That I get a good place I can always be free to shoot my outfit post because my area isn’t conducive and also collaborate with fellow bloggers.

Hating: This weather, it’s too hot that most days I don’t get to sleep well.

Wishing: That harmattan comes now.

Wearing: A short 👗 dress over a black trousers,this is the Indian way of dressing. I’m planning to do a post on this kind of dressing soon. I’m drafting it already… Lol…



. This flat ballerina is one of my favorite to – go shoes.


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