Outfit // Slaying in Bodycon dress



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Welcome to my space here…..

It’s a week and days to Christmas and everyone is already shopping like Christmas is this weekend, but Candace here hasnt shopped though I intend doing that soonest. 

So now let’s face this 👗 dress up there. Bodycon dresses has proven to be the most flattering  of all the women dresses.


I’m not a fan of bodycon dress, because of its clingy and flattering look .i owned this because it was a gift,i never thought I would owned nor buy one one day.

The color and the length of this actually made me crave to wear it and since it’s supposed to be a casual look so I thought I should wear this my alluring bodycon dress.pairing it with a go-to 👡 sandals. PhotoGrid_1481210947470.pngphotogrid_1481186317464


What do you think about this look and how will you style it differently.

Leave me your thoughts please.

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