Too Much Information Tag…….[T.M.I]

Hello lovelies,

How is your weekend going where you are? mine is just as cool as i loved it to be.

I came across Blairsyn’s blog on ” Tml” and she tagged all bloggers on this post.

This is supposed to be a long post but i’m going to make it short as possible.

Favourite show : Young dreams on Zee world.

Something you missed?: No.

Favourite song: Boundless love by women of faith.

How old are you? ……..will tell you sometime.

Quality you look for in a partner?   Honesty and God fearing.

Favourite colour: orange

Favourite actor:none

Favourite quote:What goes around comes around.

Any tattoos? nope….

Ever had break up?……..sure ,what do you think

Ever been in love?……of cus yesssss.

Fears: Loosing someone i love.

Turn off:Over proudness and lies.

Ever travelled overseas?….nah but soon

Emotional?   …..yes….i think i am

The book you are currently reading:none for now till after my exams.

How tall are you? 5’4

How much do you weigh:49kg

Favourite sport:football and hockey

Do you have a crush? noooo

Last place you were? Bedroom

Place you want to visit:Canada

Last time you kissed? ……..not saying

Favourite shoes:court shoes

Lasta time you hung out with someone:on sunday

What food makes you happy?Yam and egg…..yummy

What are you wearing? blue jean,black and white crop top and a white sandals.

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Favourite lipstick ? mac nude

Favourite Nails colour:Black

Finally i’m done thanks for stopping by and reading through.

i also tag fellow bloggers reading this to this post.

Please leave me a comment by answering some of these questions!!!

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