Random thoughts// How it feels


inshot_20161222_201645Hello guys, 

how are you doing, how’s the Christmas prep going at your side…. How’s work for those yet to be free to join in the shopping, and to those that are already enjoying the break like me…. Cheers.

Sitting here on the sofa all they with nothing to do but I’m being grateful for a successful exams even thou I’m not sure how my results is going to be,but the Bible says in all things give thanks… I’m not a preacher thou.

OK…. To this thought s I have on my mind. a girl is scared to get back into a relationship with someone not because she’s sick and tired of guys or think they are all the same, but because she’s afraid. 

she’s afraid of getting attached to someone again,shes afraid of being lied to and being betrayed again. She’s afraid of finding out truths and secrets again, she’s afraid of having high expectations just to be 😞 disappointed again. She’s afraid of feeling jealousy towards someone again, she’s afraid of her trust issues acting up again  she’s afraid of her insecurities overwhelming her again. She’s afraid of her heart getting broken again,worst of all she’s afraid of letting someone cheat on her again. 

These are what I feel…… Do you also feel the same?

What are your thoughts on these. Do leave me a comment.



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