How to enjoy your christmas season

Hello lovelies,

i wish you a merry christmas…..x2

And a happy new year

singing loud from here …’s that season we have being dreaming of and i’m most excited about this,officially now i can say/shout merrrrrry christmasssssssss.

i’m here to share with you lovelies how to make your christmas  a memorable one for you just before i join in the christmas fun.

  1. plan a group hangout with friends

There are loads of fun activities happening this season,that you don’t have to look too far.invite your friends ,You could start with people you are familiar with,like your friends in school,church,mosque,You can go to the beach or concerts with them.

2. visit friends and families

The season is really a good visiting time and to catch up with old time buddies.Believe me this can be mad  fun activity.

3. Cook a nice meal,take pictures and post online

Pick your favourite recipe and make a delicious meal,take pictures or videos while preparing the on social and invite friends over.

4. Volunteer at an event

Agreeing to volunteer at events you find interesting .there are tons of events scheduled for the festive season.being part of the planning team will be very cool.

5. Organise a low or no budget get-together

Start sending invitations out for a christmas get-together at your home.Depending on your budget, all you need is easy homemade cocktail drink and music from your phone connected to a room speaker.

6. Spend quality time alone

If you could rather have an alone-time, you can use this as an opportunity to reflect on the year so far and plan for the year ahead.

which of these activities would you be going for this christmas or got some more tips?

please share in the comment session below.



Merry christmas♦


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