Things I learn’t in the past year

2017-01-04 10.24.07 1.jpg

So new year huh?

Just like yesterday I was telling my sis how December 2016 came so quickly,here we are now,….2017

Happy new year guys, its a great privilege for me to be here and able to type to u guys I pray we all live to see more years.2017-01-04 10.27.39 1.jpg

In 2016 I learnt few things ,I wanted to do a review on my 2016 but I just thought this would be better.

Though many things happened and lessons came from different corners but learning more myself and the things surrounding me is the most important of all.

  • My family has always being my clique: I hear people especially young people having cliques of friends and I ask myself must they be an outsider? Can’t they all be a member of your family .For me my family is my no 1 clique,come rain or sun families will always be one.
  • Focusing on the things that made you unique: it doesn’t matter what features you have that your friends don’t have or what your friends have that you don’t have .just focus and believe you are unique.
  • Your sister can be your best friend: while I was growing I use to have the mentality that only outsiders can be one’s bestie or besf friend but I later realized that a member of ones family can be one’s bestie.
  • You can start somewhere: 2016 is gone ,yes! Forget what you couldn’t get nor achieve. Just focus on the things you want to achieve and you don’t need millions or large space to start just start something .
  • Opportunities are once and lifetime: once you lost something or chance it can never be regain .
  • Best friends are there for a reason: people don’t call you “best friend ” without reason,when people chose you to be their best friend it has a reason .

I say happy new year once more.I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and may new year bring new hopes to us.

What did you also learn in the previous year? Do leave me your comments in the comment space.



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