Covered in cape

Covered in cape



If i would mention one Fashion trend i’ve never get a chance to try i would definetly mention CAPE, i see it in magazine’s and on T.V shows but never had one on.

Cape’s can be worn as a coat or blazer ,i styled this in form of a blazer over an LBD which i once styled on this post here Easy in // Lbd .



this cape is good for any kind of weather its ability to keep one warmth especially for those of us that love short dresses and arm less clothes.








cape’s gives a touch of elegance to any outfit it is worn with, i’d be styling this cape with some other wears apart from dresses and when i do i will put it up for u guys to see.

What do you think about my cape? how would you style yours? tell us in the comment!!

p.s; i made this cape ,so feel free to order for yours.

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